At Ocean Fire and Security, we deliver quality and reliable services to our clients, from the initial enquiry through to system design, installation, commissioning and certification.

We provide ongoing 24/7 support and maintenance to all systems we install and maintain. We have expert fully trained staff to provide our clients with the most reliable effective solution to always deliver a high-quality level of service.


From your initial enquiry we conduct a full review of your requirements; we can arrange a free initial site survey and produce detailed drawings as required. Following on we produce a detailed system design along with a comprehensive specification and quotation.

At Ocean Fire and Security, we work and partner with a wide range of clients and contractors to provide a project that will meet with your requirements and expectations.


Ocean Fire and Security have many years’ experience, all our staff are fully trained to the highest level possible to install, safety and security systems for any type of project. We provide a quality installation service for all our clients, ensuring every element of your new fire, safety or security system is installed safely and to the highest standard.

Using proven quality equipment in our installations that are not only fully compliant with the current standards and project specification but have also been tried and tested over many years, leaving our clients with complete satisfaction and a long lasting reliable fire, safety and security system.


Once a fire, safety or security system has been installed, it requires a fully trained technician and approved company to commission the system to ensure it has been installed, programmed and operating as designed.

Ocean Fire and Security offer our commissioning services on a full range of fire, safety and security equipment and systems we install. We can even supply our commissioning service to equipment or systems that have not been installed or purchased through ourselves.

Following commissioning and full testing of a fire, safety and security installation we can provide a commissioning certificate in accordance with the current standards and have the necessary expertise to ensure your system is functioning to the best possible standard.


At Ocean Fire and Security, we offer ongoing maintenance support services and tailored packages for all our fire, safety and security systems.

We have a dedicated customer service team that is available to provide support and technical back up 24/7. Ocean are always available to provide you with the help and assistance you need to ensure your system is performing to the highest possible standard.

If you are not an existing customer don’t worry, as we are able to take over other systems and offer our ongoing maintenance support services also.


At Ocean Fire and Security, we offer remote system monitoring of all fire, safety and security systems ensuring your building and possessions are protected 24/7.

Our NSI approved alarm receiving centre is staffed by trained professionals, using state of the art monitoring technology. Systems meeting industry standards can be linked to our alarm receiving centre who will automatically contact key holders, the Police, Fire Brigade or other agencies on your behalf following an alarm activation.

We offer a variety of proven communication technologies for system monitoring that link between your premises and our alarm receiving centre leaving you with the peace of mind that you are safe and secure 24/7.


As an independent supplier of fire, safety and security systems we understand that some clients have in house specialists or contractors who can undertake the design and installation of a fire, safety or security system.

At Ocean Fire and Security, we can work with you or your contractors to supply the best possible fire, safety or security system solution to suit your requirements. We will order and deliver the system to your premises and ensure you are happy with the product prior to installation.

Upon the completion of the fire, safety or security installation Ocean Fire and Security are able to provide qualified technicians to fully commission the system and ensure it is running as efficiently as possible.